Possible causes for Pain Under Ribs

We all may feel pain under ribs from time to time. The reasons for such pain can be completely harmless and can be caused by minor injury or excessive physical strain. However, the prolonged pain under the ribs accompanies with severe episodes of pain and other symptoms can clearly indicate to a certain medical condition that should be treated adequately. In this article, we will look upon the possible causes for pain under the ribs and we will recommend you several web pages where you can find additional information on the causes, symptoms and treatments.

Pain under the right ribs

As we already mentioned, pain under the ribs can manifest on both, the right and the left side. In some cases, the pain can simply be attributed to minor sports injury or more extensive physical activities. In this section, we are going to focus on the pain under the ribs which manifests on the right side. The possible cause for pain under on the right side of the rib cage is cartilage inflammation. In such cases, the pain can be really sharp, but it only lasts for few days. Other possible cause for pain under the right ribs can be any type of injury of fracture as a result of trauma which can be easily established by means of X-rays. Other possible reason of such medical condition can be the stated called costochondritis. Costochondritis is actually inflammation of the muscles located in the rib cage, hence the pain and discomfort. The irritable bowel syndrome can also be placed on the list of possible causes for pain on the right side of the rib cage. The reason for the pain and discomfort in such cases is the gas generated and trapped in the intestines. Liver damage or gallbladder diseases can be also enumerated as possible cause for pain. The treatment prescribed to alleviate the pain and the discomfort felt by patients will surely depend on the cause of such pain and will be adjusted accordingly.

Pain under the left ribs

The reasons for pain under the left side of the rib cage can be numerous and can be attributed to many causes. Heartburn is one of the reasons for such pain. In some cases, the pain is very sharp and can be taken for chest pain. Such condition can last for few hours until the food is digested. In some occasions, the pain under the left ribs accompanied by pain in the left side shoulder can be caused by irritation of the spleen, which may be caused by damaging of rapture of the spleen which should be treated accordingly. Other possible reason for pain on the left side is gasses in the colon which is a medical condition known as splenic-flexure syndrome. This syndrome manifests when large amount of gas which is generated as a result of the digestion is closed in the colon, causing discomfort or pain on the left side of the rib cage. Just like in the case of the possible causes for pain under the right ribs, costochondritis or infection of the cartilage, can also be possible cause for pain felt on the left side. Such medical condition is caused by viral infection, but due to the symptoms that are really close to the ones of heart attack, patients usually are really anxious due to the pain they feel.

Additional information

The aforementioned possible causes for pain under ribs are only a small part of the complete list of causes. If you are interested to know more about the possible causes for pain and discomfort under the rib cage, we recommend visiting the web sites below: chemical pregnancy.

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