Multiple myeloma symptoms and life expectancy

Multiple myeloma is a kind of blood disorder that is closely related to leukemia. It occurs in the bone marrow when the plasma (a type of white blood cell) multiplies abnormally. These cells release high levels of protein in the bones and blood which are very unhealthy. The high protein gets stored throughout the body and cause bone damage. As the illness progresses the plasma cells start depositing in other parts of the body and thereby cause more damage to the different organs.

The Symptoms of Multiple Myeloma

The symptoms of multiple myeloma vary from one person to another. In the early stages there are hardly any symptoms but at least one or more symptoms will occur as the disease progresses. The major symptoms include

1) High level of calcium in blood

The calcium from the affected bones can get mixed with the blood. When the calcium level in the blood increases a person may suffer from confusion, loss of appetite and constipation.

2) Renal failure

There are certain abnormal proteins known as M proteins which have the capacity to damage the kidney. These abnormal proteins are also known as Bence Jones proteins.

3) Anemia induced fatigue

The myeloma cells replace the red blood cells which carry oxygen in the bone marrow. The myeloma cells are responsible for causing fatigue in the body.

4) Bone damage and fractures

The bone damage in multiple myeloma is known as lytic and in an X-ray plate it will appear as spots. The most common symptoms of bone damage are severe bone pain in the skull, ribs and pelvis.

The above-mentioned symptoms of multiple myeloma are collectively known as CRAB which is just an acronym for Calcium, Renal failure, Anemia and Bone damage. However, there are some other noted symptoms of multiple myeloma which are weight loss, numbness in the legs and repeated occurrence of infections such as shingles, skin infections, kidney infections and problems in the bladder.

Multiple myeloma life expectancy

The severity of this disease varies from person to person. There are many people who have lived for many years with this gradually progressing disease. But in there have been cases where a rapid spread of this illness has been noted. The most challenging task of a doctor is to identify the pattern of this ailment. Nowadays DNA testing of plasma cells are done to ascertain the chances of survival. However, even the best method of testing may not accurately predict how long a person will live with this dreaded disease.

Recognizing sharp pain under right rib cage and what to do about it

If you’re experiencing sharp pain under right rib cage chances are you’re having problems with your gallbladder, since this is a fairly common problem in this modern day and age, usually caused by excessive amounts of fatty foods as a daily part of your diet. The pain will gradually become more intense, making it almost unbearable at times and it’s important that you get this checked as soon as possible because it will be much easier on your behalf to get rid of the stones in time. Gallbladder is positioned on the right side of your body, under your liver and under the rib cage. Of course, liver can also be a source of pain even though it’s much easier to deal with but might indicate more severe health issues. Also, liver pain has a characteristic numbness to it, making the sharp pain being almost a relief because you don’t want any liver problems to happen. If you’re experiencing really sharp, almost stabbing pain then it’s definitely the case of gallbladder stones situation.

Coping with gallbladder stones

If you like to eat fatty foods and you do this on a daily basis, you don’t need to get fat in order to experience health issues. Fats in general are quite difficult to digest and this is where gall as an extract comes to aid. Its primary mission is to disperse any fat into small drops, making it easier for the stomach to absorb it. If you’re eating too much fatty foods with so much fat needed to be digested, then your gallbladder is working too hard and you will eventually tire it out. However, there is another issue with gallbladder, being the cholesterol accumulation which can cause gallbladder stones to form and block gall’s way out of the gallbladder.

This is a fairly common health problem, especially with people who don’t care about what are they eating because it causes this sharp, unbearable pain in desperate need for a relief. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do about it other than going under surgery to have the stone and possibly your entire gallbladder removed out of your body. If you’re doubting on this condition, visit your doctor as soon as possible who will be able to use an X-ray to determine the presence of the gallbladder stones which might be really small, causing random pain during the day, depending on how much of gall is being excreted out of the gallbladder. With newest ultrasound devices gallbladder stones can be detected even more easily, making sure that the diagnosis is reliable and confirmed, which will ensure short and efficient work of the surgery required to get rid of these gallbladder stones. The surgery itself is considered to be safe and without any possible complications to happen, but you will need to work on your eating habits further down the line, especially if you get your gallbladder removed in its entirety; fatty foods need to be taken with care, so make sure to control the intake of it in time to prevent these issues.

What does pain in right side under ribs indicate?

Some pain experienced might be so gentle or weak to make you think that everything is OK, but this discomfort alone might be a way for your body to inform you that’s something is actually going on. You should never ignore these signals. Everyone feels some kind of pain every now and then, but we don’t feel the need to run to a doctor as soon as possible. If you know your body long enough to know when the pain is a consequence of some heavy lifting, or a large meal then you is safe because the truth is, not all pain does indicate a problem. Most dangerous pain signs aren’t as intensive so these are commonly ignored, which is a problem since they can indicate a serious health issue.

Stomach problems

A sensation in your stomach that might seem to be a reaction to overly fat and fried food can actually be your gallbladder, giving all it has to produce enough of gall to digest all that fat. However, gall might be blocked with the gall stones blocking the way out of the gall bladder. What you might feel in such an occurrence is a dumb, unspecific pain in right side under ribs which can also spread onto the left side, lasting for a couple of hours. Women are more probably to suffer from this due to estrogen excretion, especially if they take contraception pills. If you ignore this pain you can only make your condition much worse. By taking a simple ultrasound or sonographer checkup you will determine whether you’re suffering from gallbladder stones which need to be removed as quickly as possible. In order to prevent this, eat biologically dissolvable fibers. A good source of these would be nuts, fruit skin and veggies like tomatoes, pickles, apples, pears and bobby fruits.


Cause of this region to ache usually indicates an issue with your gallbladder, which is fairly common, especially if you eat a lot of fast food which is stuffed with artificial fats. The operation required for its removal is standardized and considered to be very safe, so there is nothing to be worried about it specifically. You do need to focus on changing your living habits for the better and improving your eating habits which will make it easier for you to live without pain in this part of your body. If you do not tend to it, it will get sharper as it progresses, possibly reaching a point of being unbearable. Once this occurs, surgery is the only way for you to get over it because the stones will become so large you can’t even move without feeling them inside your gallbladder. In most cases people receive their gallbladder stones to have them as a reminder to what they’ve been through and this serves as a great motivation factor for weight loss or other new, life changing habits. With this in mind, make sure to check your under rib pain to see if you need to get this surgery done.

The Causes of Sharp Pain under Left Rib Cage

Every time people experience unexpected pain, the first thing most of them do is google the symptom and see what the cause may be. This can end up with unexpected panic, as many very serious illnesses have the most common symptoms. If you are experiencing sharp pain under left rib cage, this doesn’t mean you will have a heart attack. There are many things that can cause such pain and in this article we will talk about the most common causes of pain under the left rib cage.

Sharp pain under left rib cage: causes

The most common cause for the pain under the left rib cage is heartburn and acid reflux. Heartburn and acid reflux are commonly triggered with consumption of too much acidic food and drink. It’s a sharp pain and many mistake it for chest pain, and some people may also feel bloated because of it. Another cause for sharp pain under the rib cage is irritation of the spleen. It may also indicate spleen rapture, especially if accompanied with pain in the left shoulder. Another reason may simply be gas. Trapped gas in the colon, also known as splenic-flexure syndrome, may cause pain under the rib cage. The simplest way to get rid of this gas is sitting in the chair until the gas moves. If you are breathing heavily and suffer from unbearable pain, one cause may be Costochondritis. The condition appears because the cartilages of the ribs and breastbone are infected, usually from a strong impact or because of a viral infection.

Sharp pain under left rib cage: what serious conditions may cause sharp pain?

There’s a number of more serious conditions that can result in sharp pain under left rib cage, one of the most severe ones being pneumothorax, cause by a ruptured lung. As the air escapes the cavity between the rib cage and lungs, the person suffering from it will experience pain under his ribs. Of course, such condition calls for immediate medical attention. Another condition that shouldn’t be taken lightly is stomach ulcers, which can lead to more serious conditions. The pain from stomach ulcers may move to the shoulder blade, and it can occur in intervals. The irritable bowel syndrome also has sharp rib cage pain as one of the way it likes to manifest itself. It also causes cramps and bloating and it may be disrupting normal bowel movements. Other causes may include pancreatitis, diverticulitis, inflammation of the heart sac (pericarditis), Intestinal infection, and dissection of the abdominal aorta (Aneurysm).

When is it time to panic?

If the pain you experience is out of the ordinary, intense or is reoccurring from time to time, it would be best to check out what’s happening. Call your medical advisor and say what’s bothering you, so they can prepare everything that is necessary in order to examine you thoroughly. The worst thing you can do in such condition is panic, as this will worsen the state you are in, so try remaining calm and breathe deeply, keep a clear head and inform someone close to you about your condition so they can help you.

Sharp Pain Under Left Breast: What Causes it?

The first thing most people do when faced with pain is search the cause of it. Most use Google and Yahoo as their medical advisors, which isn’t really the smartest thing to do, as there are many disease out there that will scare you to death, especially when you find you have one of the symptoms. Does this mean you have it? Of course not. Many illnesses share the same symptoms, and this is the exact reason why there is no way to determine what you have on your own. Today we will talk about a symptom that causes sleepless nights to many people: sharp pain under left breast. Most people think about the worst when they experience something like this, but the causes are usually quite harmless.

Sharp pain under left breast: what is causing it?

It may come as a surprise to you, but having an acid reflux or heartburn because you let yourself go a bit too much at the table is one of the most common causes of the pain you are experiencing under your breast. Many people also tend to forget that exercising may cause such pain, as you may have a mild inflammation of your muscles. This isn’t something you should be concerned about. If you experience pain because of muscle inflammation, you can take a pain killer, and if heartburn is the problem, try putting a bit more thought into your diet choices.

Are there other conditions that may cause such pain?

Of course, there are other conditions that may cause such pain to occur. Note that every condition we will mention in this part of the article is serious enough to call your medical advisor and take care of it as soon as possible. One thing that may cause such pain is spleen irritation, and it may result in spleen rapture if not handled on time. Costochondritis, a condition caused by infection of the bonds that keep the ribs and the breastbone together, is another cause. It occurs because of an impact to the rib area or because of a virus. Broken ribs cause rib pain, it’s quite self explanatory, and should be treated as soon as possible. Pneumothorax, a punctured lung, is another cause. It’s accompanied with troubles breathing and immense pain.  Stomach ulcers and irritable bowel syndrome are two more causes of sharp pain under left breast, and let’s not forget aobut pericarditis, pancreatitits, intestinal infections, or aneurysms. All of these conditions should be treated and there’s no ignoring the doctor, as many of them could prove fatal in the long run.

What to do when such pain occurs?

If you can’t determine what’s causing the pain you are experiencing, it’s always a good idea to visit your doctor so you determine the exact cause. With this visit, you will have a peace of mind once the results are in, and you will also know what to do next if there are certain changes you or your lifestyle will undergo.

Details about pain in right side under ribs

Stomach cavity is a space in between your chest and the small hip (pannikin), with the muscular part being known as diaphragm which has an important role for breathing. It also separates the chest cavity from the stomach cavity. Inside stomach cavity there are many organs to be found. Beneath the diaphragm on the right side covered with ribs is the liver with gall leads and gallbladder. In the middle part of the upper stomach and more to the left side you will find your stomach. Pain in stomach is a common and a very important sign of these organs suffering, including all of the tissues which are located inside the stomach cavity. All tissues and organs do not carry the same amount of tolerance towards pain, with some of them being extremely sensitive, while others might be completely numb to pain. This is one of the reasons why pain coming from the stomach can come in different intensities. The strength of the pain itself doesn’t always correlate to the seriousness of the source of it, so even the most dangerous liver or kidney damage will only cause a light feeling of discomfort, while a barely visible stone stuck in gallbladder might cause unbearable pain.

Causes of pain

In the middle upper part of the stomach one can usually feel pain in right side under ribs, which is a place where you can feel discomfort due to hunger as well as if you get overboard with the size of your meal. Pain is much more intense on an empty stomach, with taking a smaller meal to reduce it. Alcohol, coffee and cigarette smoking can make the pain significantly more intensive. If you’re experiencing cramping and permanent pain in this part, you might be a victim of changes done to the blood vessels in this part of the stomach cavity. Narrowed blood vessels which are usually caused by atherosclerosis tend to bring insufficient amounts of blood in this area, which can cause pain as a consequence.

Spleen is another cause of pain in this, with some characteristic properties to follow it. It usually aches when it is enlarged, which can be caused by many conditions, the cause of which needs to be determined by a doctor who will need to track down all disorders starting from blood cancer down to chronic and basic infections.

This is also an organ which stores a significant amount of blood, and many people experienced spleen pain during intense aerobic workouts. If you experience this, try not to work against pain, yet settle down, breathe deeply and realize that you might be overtraining yourself. Use this as an indication to slow down the intensity of your training as you’re obviously not ready for the physical challenges you’re putting yourself through. In this case, spleen pain is nothing to be worried about since it’s a very robust organ which can withstand quite a lot of abuse, but this doesn’t mean you should abuse it.

Possible causes for Pain Under Ribs

We all may feel pain under ribs from time to time. The reasons for such pain can be completely harmless and can be caused by minor injury or excessive physical strain. However, the prolonged pain under the ribs accompanies with severe episodes of pain and other symptoms can clearly indicate to a certain medical condition that should be treated adequately. In this article, we will look upon the possible causes for pain under the ribs and we will recommend you several web pages where you can find additional information on the causes, symptoms and treatments.

Pain under the right ribs

As we already mentioned, pain under the ribs can manifest on both, the right and the left side. In some cases, the pain can simply be attributed to minor sports injury or more extensive physical activities. In this section, we are going to focus on the pain under the ribs which manifests on the right side. The possible cause for pain under on the right side of the rib cage is cartilage inflammation. In such cases, the pain can be really sharp, but it only lasts for few days. Other possible cause for pain under the right ribs can be any type of injury of fracture as a result of trauma which can be easily established by means of X-rays. Other possible reason of such medical condition can be the stated called costochondritis. Costochondritis is actually inflammation of the muscles located in the rib cage, hence the pain and discomfort. The irritable bowel syndrome can also be placed on the list of possible causes for pain on the right side of the rib cage. The reason for the pain and discomfort in such cases is the gas generated and trapped in the intestines. Liver damage or gallbladder diseases can be also enumerated as possible cause for pain. The treatment prescribed to alleviate the pain and the discomfort felt by patients will surely depend on the cause of such pain and will be adjusted accordingly.

Pain under the left ribs

The reasons for pain under the left side of the rib cage can be numerous and can be attributed to many causes. Heartburn is one of the reasons for such pain. In some cases, the pain is very sharp and can be taken for chest pain. Such condition can last for few hours until the food is digested. In some occasions, the pain under the left ribs accompanied by pain in the left side shoulder can be caused by irritation of the spleen, which may be caused by damaging of rapture of the spleen which should be treated accordingly. Other possible reason for pain on the left side is gasses in the colon which is a medical condition known as splenic-flexure syndrome. This syndrome manifests when large amount of gas which is generated as a result of the digestion is closed in the colon, causing discomfort or pain on the left side of the rib cage. Just like in the case of the possible causes for pain under the right ribs, costochondritis or infection of the cartilage, can also be possible cause for pain felt on the left side. Such medical condition is caused by viral infection, but due to the symptoms that are really close to the ones of heart attack, patients usually are really anxious due to the pain they feel.

Additional information

The aforementioned possible causes for pain under ribs are only a small part of the complete list of causes. If you are interested to know more about the possible causes for pain and discomfort under the rib cage, we recommend visiting the web sites below: chemical pregnancy.

Various Causes of Rib Pain

Our ribcage is a very important part of our bodies which is unfortunately highly vulnerable as well. They can easily be bruised and damaged. Pain in the ribcage area can be caused by a whole list of conditions including fractures and even inflammatory conditions. Usually, when you do experience a pain in your ribcage, it’s time to visit a doctor. It’s impossible for one to determine the cause and settle with a homemade solution because this pain can be caused by a minor problem but it can also indicate a more serious health condition.

Fractures and Cracks

If you’re into professional fights you probably know a lot about fractured ribs. During a fight, one might get hit with a strong body punch, usually directly into the bottom part of the rib cage and this can severely bruise or even break one or more ribs. The first symptoms are obviously sharp pain. When this occurs, you will be sent to a doctor who will perform a medical exam to determine the severity of the injury. For minor rib bruises you will feel very tenderly around the injured area, troubles sneezing and breathing deeply. For such minor injuries, it’s good enough to lay low for a while and just rest until the rib heals itself.


Cartilage which connects ribs to the breast bone can become inflamed, which also manifests in sharp pain. In a lot of cases people tend to mistake this for a broken rib because it displays itself in a really similar manner. Usually, you will also have troubles breathing and feel intense pain during coughing. It’s possible to diagnose this specific condition by a physical exam and by eliminating other conditions and diseases which cause the same symptoms. Again, it is possible for this condition to pass itself so if the pain you’re experiencing is not too intense; there is no need for medical treatment. However, always visit your doctor if you experience any kind of issues.


There is a thin layer of tissue which covers both sides of the chest wall as well as lungs. When this layer of tissue swells, pleurisy occurs. This condition can also cause pain in your ribcage, particularly when you’re breathing deeply. A whole list of other conditions can have pleurisy as a side effect like lupus or some bacterial infections of the respiratory system. Pleurisy is easily diagnosed as it’s followed by a specific type of pain – when you’re holding breath the pain is gone.

MS Hug

Multiple sclerosis can also cause some rib related pain, as it causes the tiny muscles in between the ribs to spasm. Depending on the intensity of this movement pain differentiates both in intensity and type. It’s usually a sharp, burning type of pain making it difficult to breathe. It also has a tendency to radiate all the way to your back so it’s really uncomfortable.

Rib Pain Caused by Anxiety

People underestimate the importance of proper mental balance, which is probably the biggest cause of several serious health conditions – if not maintained, of course. Rib pain can actually appear if you’re having anxiety issues. Even though there are much more serious conditions that can cause rib pain, it’s important to realize that it is possible for this pain to be caused by your mental instability.

Physical causes of rib pain are easily determined, so if you ever visit a doctor about it and are having problems coping with anxiety, make sure to mention this. You might find that this pain is just a symptom of your anxiety issues.

Who Suffers From This?

There are several types of anxiety. Anyone who might have anxiety issues can expect for this problem to manifest in terms of rib pain, even though some people are having more obvious issues with this than others. There are tests online you can take in order to find out whether or not your anxiety might causing some serious health issues that you can deal with on your own.
How Does This Manifest?

Stress is known as a high threat to your overall health and body, and it’s impossible to determine how much of an effect it has – all we know is that it is significant. So far we know of two main causes that can cause rib pain from anxiety.

Muscle tension in your chest can put a lot of stress onto your rib muscles which are usually tiny and not used to excess work. This also puts a lot of stress to the ribs themselves, which may cause them to bruise up. Your lungs and abdomen are also affected by this.

Chest pain is caused by breathing issues which are closely related to ribcage conditions. If you’re putting stress onto your rib muscles, chances are you will experience chest pain, as the ribs themselves are struggling. Don’t mistake this for heart conditions as many other people do.

Anxiety also causes a lot of other causes for rib pain; you might even rotate in your bed in a manner which causes damage to your ribs.

Helping Yourself

Anxiety makes every little pain sensation into a scandal for you. It’s important to be logical and objective and learn how to tolerate this, as by doing so you will most definitely jump over any of the previously mentioned issues. People who are suffering from serious anxiety disorders can become panicked with almost any kind of pain, further increasing the chances of the anxiety to manifest itself in terms of ribcage pain. Obviously, this kind of pain is not dangerous, so it’s important that you find a way to think clearly about it.

Stopping the Pain

There are many ways for you to go in order to relieve yourself from rib pain. However, when it’s caused by anxiety there are some issues you need to deal with. To start with, this pain is caused by your anxiety, not by any physical cause so there is no permanent solution for this pain other than resolving your anxiety problem first. This makes it obvious when you actually start to deal with it and it gets even worse because you’re so concentrated on it. Try the following steps in order to really resolve yourself from this pain:

Distract yourself with something creative and productive. This will draw your mind and conscience away from the source of your anxiety and you will automatically notice the decrease in pain intensity. This is a cycle that needs to be broken so keep yourself as busy as you can until the whole thing simply disappears.

If you’re having issues relieving yourself from stress, try a massage. This is a great tool for making you feel better and more relaxed and they can also directly distract your mind from the pain. Our brain is able to focus on one or two feelings at once max. While you’re being massaged your rib pain will be minimalized and you will focus on the other, comfortable feeling you’re getting from the massage.

By exercising you will basically give the pain you’re experiencing an excuse. This is probably the most beneficial way for you to deal with phantom rib pain as you will get in shape, keep your mind away from it and will help to strengthen up those muscles with even more positive pain feeling. So you will get used to the pain and consider it to be a positive thing, which is something you should do in situations like these.

These strategies will help you understand the problem you’re having, but only when you manage to get over you anxiety issues will you be able to truly get over your problems. Anxiety takes time to resolve and by living a new, progressive lifestyle you’re giving yourself the chance to get over it efficiently.

What exactly is a fractured rib?

A fractured rib is a temporarily damaged rib cage bone, which can easily break or shatter. In most cases the tissue known as cartilage can also get ripped, causing similar symptoms to the broken rib so it can easily be mistaken with it. A blunt blow to the chest is the usual cause of broken ribs, which can happen in a lot of different situations. For people suffering from bone diseases like osteoporosis this is even more likely. Still, it’s common to see athletes who are professional fighters breaking their ribs rather commonly during intense fights.

The ribcage has a task of protecting your internal organs so if you ever find yourself with a broken rib; you need to visit your doctor as soon as possible.

Why do you need to take rib fracture seriously?

Your rib cage has two main tasks, first is to protect your internal organs like lungs, spleen etc. Second, they allow your lungs to expand to their fullest volume, making sure you can breathe to the fullest extent, without experiencing any obstructions. pain under left Breast In case you break your rib, you will experience painful breathing since the muscles used for breathing are based on the ribs themselves.

If you break several ribs at once, you will have serious issues with your breathing as the part of your ribcage which is broken will collapse, making it difficult for your lungs to expand. This is when you need to remain calm and breathe in short pulses until you receive medical assistance.

Common symptoms

Sometimes a broken rib is not that obvious, but it always gives out symptoms like mild pain during breathing and pain around the area which has been fractured on pressure. If you’re having serious issues with your breathing, you will feel short of breath, anxious, headaches are also really common and will feel tired and dizzy.


It’s rather easy to diagnose a broken rib and the doctor will usually start applying pressure to the traumatized area to check out the level of pain. He will also examine your breathing and listen to your lungs in order to determine whether your breathing cycle is alright. Heart, head, spine and belly are to be checked just to confirm that there are no additional traumas. An X-Ray is not a common mean of diagnosis, but it can help determine where exactly the rib broke.


Depending on the severity of your injury, different methods of treatment apply. In case of intense pain, you will be provided with painkillers so that you can cope with your pain until the issues have been resolved.

On the other hand, mild rib injuries can be even treated at home, as ribs have a high tendency towards renewal. pain under right breast This only applies to minor cracks in the rib as the pain is more or less bearable in such conditions. It will take up to 6 weeks for the fractured rib to retain its rigidity.

In order to deal with pain you can put ice on the traumatized area, get some rest and take painkillers. While you’re self-healing, make sure to cough at least once every hour as this will help prevent collapsing of the lung tissue. Also, try to lay down on the injured side, this will allow you to take deeper breaths.